CopperMoon is a company that is present on the territory of Canada and that helps people all over the territory, offering professional services to improve your business and make it grow as much as possible throughout the territory. Thus, many services are available to you and in this section we will give you more details.

For the design and the graphic part of your site:

  • An annual report is given to you
  • Publication of books, brochures and flyers
  • A newsletter is put at your disposal to offer you the best possible services
  • A business card is given to you, you would also have the right to passes and invitations for some organized parties

For the website part:

  • Layout and design of some of your publications
  • Development and maintenance of your website while giving you courses so that you can solve some of your problems by yourself without the presence or the need of a CopperMoon company money
  • High quality customer service
  • Writing content and documents for your management

For the brand:

  • Setting up a logo and a brand
  • A visual identity
  • A strategy, a precise target audience
  • Targeted messages and precise messages

For the strategy present on social networks:

  • Implementation of a commercial strategy on social networks
  • Set-up of the set-up for the publication on social networks
  • An available e-newsletter
  • Videos or ads for your social networks

For consultation and implementation of your strategy:

  • Training and planning for your strategy and implementation
  • Setting up a coaching project for your company as well as setting up a team building strategy
  • Group capacity testing and surveys

For community engagement and crisis management:

  • Implementation of a strategic communication as well as
  • Oral and written notes
  • Relationship between the media
  • Strategic communication

Graphic design

The design and graphics of your company are the most important things in your strategy and you don’t know how to do it? Then the company CopperMoon was created to help you in your approach. To do this, the company creates a bridge between you and the customer. Engage people within your company through a customer card or a loyalty card. For this, CopperMoon implements the latest technology to help you increase your business communication.

CopperMoon sets up the best publications for your houses, whether it is for the quality of the paper or to have the lowest possible price when printing. CopperMoon provides people with a person who is solely focused on design, but not only that, as a photographer is also available.