work with Canada’s leader in indigenous engagement

CopperMoon has Canada’s longest and most successful track record of success in achieving informed decisions with First Nations.

People need to feel heard before they will listen. We build listening into all our projects, from start to finish.

We’ve been recognized as a global leader in indigenous engagement.

We’ve been involved in over $1b worth of successful engagements and decisions on behalf of First Nations.

It's not always about the money


We are first and foremost pro First Nations. That’s why we’ve worked hard on behalf of clients to achieve their goals, including the protection of sacred areas. It isn’t always about the money.

Why risk incredible agreements on sub-standard engagement? We de-risk big projects by bringing everyone along in the decision making and ensure it’s done right.

Collective title and rights mean collective decision making

First Nations are on a legal winning streak which has been confirming collective rights. Ensure everyone is brought along through good engagement.

Award-winning, First Nations-led communications agency

CopperMoon is an award-winning, First Nations-led communications agency recognized as Canada’s leader in Indigenous engagement. We help Aboriginal communities and organizations achieve their goals by working with them to create strong, effective brands, strategies, and tools.

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